December 2, 2020

LuxCasual®, defined. 

Consider luxury.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines it as “sumptuous or extremely comfortable living” or “something that is not essential but provides pleasure and comfort” and finally, “something that is desirable but expensive or hard to obtain.” The word comes from the Latin root luxuria, meaning “excess.”

Consider casual.

American Heritage defines it as “being without ceremony or formality; relaxed or informal,” or “suited for everyday wear or informal use.” The word comes from the Latin cāsuālis, meaning “by chance.”

We live in a time of redefinition.

A change in culture is underway in the way we dress that involves a redefinition of what is luxury and what is casual. We are moving to a place where refined luxury apparel has become more a part of everyday life. Hence LuxCasual, apparel that combines the sumptuousness of luxury with the ease and comfort of casual.

LuxCasual is luxury without excess, casual not by chance.

LuxCasual is thoughtfully designed apparel made of premium materials known for its perfect fit, aesthetic beauty, and pleasurability of wear. 

LuxCasual, defined:

LuxCasual (leks kasha wel)

a       : a category of clothing, typically made of premium knit or woven fabrics, which combines the luxuriousness and style of high fashion with the casual simplicity and comfort of everyday apparel: She was having a lazy Saturday strolling through the Metropolitan museum, her LuxCasual sweatshirt gracefully draped from her shoulders as she gently walked through the galleries.

b       : casual clothing based on athletic attire, focusing on design, quality and comfort rather than athletic performance. LuxCasual clothing is characterized by its clean lines and easy elegance, combining comfort with aesthetic refinement, making it adaptable for use in formal or informal settings: She got home, poured a glass of champagne, kicked off her heels, threw on a pair of jeans and her black LuxCasual tee, then headed out for the night. 


LuxCasual is new in name only. Several of the world’s great fashion houses have gravitated toward the concept, adding the aesthetic refinement for which they are known to everyday staples such as tee shirts.

What is new is Myles Price, a Los Angeles-based design house which first articulated the term and is wholly dedicated to the creation of a full line of LuxCasual tee shirts, dresses, sweatshirts, hoodies and other everyday essentials crafted to balance aesthetic refinement with enduring comfort.    Each Myles Price garment embodies the definition of LuxCasual, apparel at its penultimate.