How to care for Myles Price apparel

Some of you have reached out to us directly and asked about best practices of washing and caring for our apparel. Do they need to be dry cleaned? No. Do I need a special detergent? No, but we do have some thoughts. Are your tees pre-shrunk? Yes, but if you blast them on high heat in the dryer, they'll tighten up. Should I keep them on hangers or in the drawer? In the drawer. Caring for luxury apparel shouldn't be a burden. We do have some recommendations that are easy to follow and can be implemented to give all of your cotton clothes a longer life.

What temperature setting should I use on the washing machine?  

Cold or cold/warm water. The premium cotton we use holds color better and is more durable than 97% of all cotton grown. Warm or hot water will not damage it or bleed the color. However, we recommend washing in cold water for less wear and tear over the garment's life. Also, the same rules apply for colors and whites as the rest of your laundry. Keep them separate. 

What type of detergent should I use?

Use a mild detergent. A mild detergent is a gentle detergent that uses only surface-active agents that dissolve dirt and grease rather than ordinary detergents that can contain enzymes or abrasives, which more aggressively clean but can increase the wear and tear on your clothes. Most major brands offer a mild "sensitive skin" detergent option, and several eco-minded brands attempt to use the least amount of chemicals possible. If you do have standard detergent, we recommend using less of it.
What setting should I use on my washing machine?                                                                                  
Use the "delicates" or "normal" setting. The "delicates" setting with a mild detergent will be enough to freshen up any piece in our collection. "Normal" setting with a mild detergent is effective for larger loads with other clothes and if you feel like your tee/hoodie/dress needs a good cleaning.

Should I take it to the dry cleaner?

Our refined apparel does not need to go to the dry cleaner. We don't like the chemicals they use and generally don't recommend putting them on hangers for storage. Everything you purchase from us can be washed at home.

How do I remove a stain?

Most stains can be removed by gently rubbing detergent into the stain and then soaking your garment in cold water. Some types of stains -- ink, oil, tomato-based foods -- should be better cleaned by soaking the clothing in warm or even hot water. We don't recommend "stick" stain removers; they've been found to be no more effective than detergent, and the chemicals they use tend to be abrasive.

Should I use bleach on my whites?

No. Avoid using chlorine bleach. It weakens fabric over time and can cause yellowing. Instead, add a half cup of baking soda or hydrogen peroxide to your whites wash cycle. Both brighten white and light-colored fabrics without the damage and eventual yellowing of bleach. Another option is oxygen-based cleaner, such as OxyClean.
What is the best setting for the dryer?

Tumble Dry low or delicate. Some purists like to lay garments flat to air dry, which of course imparts the absolute least wear and tear. But again, our apparel is made from extra long staple cotton, so its inherent durability makes a gentle tumble dry perfectly acceptable.

Should I use dryer sheets?
We don't recommend dryer sheets. They cause your dryer to disperse lint, which becomes enmeshed in cotton fabric, increasing wear and tear. If your dryer needs some help, we recommend reusable dryer balls, which allow hot air to flow more freely and prevent wrinkles and static.

Should I hang dry my MP apparel?

No. Our apparel is crafted to fit the shape of your body. All cotton is an organic material and will stretch over time when hung. For that reason, we don't recommend hang-drying our apparel. 

How do I get the wrinkles out?
Steam is essential. A handheld or standing steamer can be very effective and gentle at getting wrinkles out. Also, a high-quality iron, which produces enough heat to give you plenty of steam, will work too.

Where and how should I store my apparel?

Fold your garment crisply and store it in a drawer or on a shelf. Hanging a hoodie or tee can change the shape of the neck over time.

We believe in creating luxurious apparel that is worn every day. We put a lot into our garments. They are elevated but not precious. If you are reading this, you love apparel as much as we do, and if you genuinely want your pieces to last as long as possible, wash cold on a delicate cycle, tumble dry low, fold it, and put it in a drawer.  You’ll be living the LuxCasual life for a long time. 

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