The luxury cotton dress, refined.

How we approached creating our Ribbed Supima Cotton Dress. 

When we started making tee shirts, the goal was to produce a shirt that changed the way you felt.  We've all been there, blurry-eyed, still waking up and throwing something on to start your day. Our goal was to make that moment pitch-perfect.

All the pieces we designed began as familiar ideas of the apparel we grew up with and loved. By adding custom fabrics we knit here in Los Angeles and a carefully considered design process, we elevated these ideas. As our premium tees and hoodies took shape, cotton dresses were the natural next step in this progression.

We began with a thick Supima cotton rib. Ribbed cotton fabric provides a denser knit. This allows better coverage, and a tailored fit defined by linear seams that hold an authentic feminine shape. Aesthetically, our rib fabric also adds texture without losing the silky soft nature of extra-long-staple cotton. After numerous fittings the garment took shape, we considered how the fabric moved, what to reveal and what to cover. Most importantly, how does the dress make you feel? Our goal is pitch-perfect.

The result is a ribbed cotton dress that is a balance between the function of a comfortable fit and form of an elegant drape. It is a blank canvas that can be accessorized, and also distinct enough to hold its own.

This is a luxury cotton dress you can wear day or night.  It's appropriate at the office, or on a date, lounging at the beach, or in a five-star restaurant. You have the freedom to style it with flip flops and a hat at the Farmer’s Market, or with a belt and flats to a business lunch.

Our ribbed dresses are everyday garments that give you the feeling of luxury without excess and are casual, not by chance.

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